Master Key Week#19

I Got A New Car


This new me is like I got a new car. The Master Key Experience has brought out the best in me. The process started slowly and unknowingly the more I participate in the program the more I became aware of who I was becoming.

The 19 weeks have happened quickly, not without discomfort. The more changes I experienced the more my subconscious mind tried to stop me. Every time you learn something new about who you are. It’s almost like starting over, do I accept or do I reject?

Its like getting a new car for the first time, you know the fundamentals of driving this new car. Where the steering wheel is, the gas and brake pedal, the windshield is in front of you. You sit in it for the very first time when you get it home and the leather seats wrap around you with comfort and you grip the leather wrapped steering wheel. You get excited and ready to drive it for the first time.

Something strange happens, this new car does not require a key, well how do you start it? How do you turn on the lights, I now need to manually shift this car with a paddle. Getting to know this car can be frustrating in the beginning, once you do. Watch out other drivers I’m looking for the fast lane.

I use this analogy because the Master Key has taught me so much about my new self, and its like getting a new car weekly. I know the fundamentals of who I am in this new mind and body. realizing the things of who I have become during every new week. Learning the new aspects of me, can be frustrating. Stepping into the new you every week, you learn more about the new you, as you start to enjoy it and get comfortable, you get a new you in a few days. The process of getting acquainted starts over, are you ready for the new you to emerge.

Believe me there have been times when I got my new car stuck and had to dig my self out. It’s not always fun learning the new things of who you are and letting go of the old version is difficult. This process through the Master Key has been slow and steady a pace that has been great for growth.

I am so excited for my future and more excited to leave the past behind, and as The Greatest Salesman in The World Said. ” I will waste not a moment mourning yesterdays misfortunes, yesterdays defeat, yesterdays aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad.”

As I step into the driver’s seat of this new me I look through the windshield into the future and I chart a course to a destination that I have not seen. I look in the side view mirror and say good-by to the old. On this path I take anyone and make room for everyone who wants to embark on a journey to their very own future.


Master Key Week #18

Unpacking The Packages


When you decide to embark on a journey of self discovery, I also like to call mission impossible. You will be unpacking the packages of information of who you are.

I decide to open every box of information of who I have become or who I thought I was   (my identity). Little did I know what I would be challenged with, I decided to open every package of information that was given to me as a child, man, person and individual regarding every aspect of who I was.

I didn’t open just 1 box, I opened all boxes regarding religion, politics, education being a father, man, son, brother, husband, uncle etc.. I challenged every aspect of me and my ego kept telling to stop, close those boxes, packages and gifts. Most of the information was hard to confront. I knew I would be hurting myself with emotions I had buried and really didnt want to dig up.

Deep inside I knew I needed to do this for me, for my future self. I had emotions of anger, hatred, confusion, and most of the time I had that lump in my throat that prevented me from swallowing. At times I felt like I betrayed everyone that poured into me from the time I was a young boy. My mother, father, grandparents, teachers, children and my beloved wife. I could have easily shut each package and went about my day, except I kept learning new things about me.

I was being challenged by myself to become a better person and to do this I had to let go of a lifetime of information of who I thought I was. I kept pushing past the fear of learning more information about me. I also kept reprogramming my mind with new information. Changing my views, opinions and learning not to always have an opinion about others or others situations. Through this process I can tell you I am not the same person I was just a few short years ago.

The biggest take away for me during this process was to give myself plenty of time to process what I learned, deal with the emotions and forgive myself for who I was and my limited beliefs. I found the more packages of information I opened regarding my identity or who I thought I was, the less information I found that supported that identity, idea or thought.

My ego took a beating, and it was mad. I have since tamed my ego and I now call my ego one of two names Love or compassion. This is a slow process and I don’t think I will ever stop opening new packages about who I am. Only now I open each package with caution and care.


Master Key Week #17 HJ

Heros Journey


When I began this journey of self discovery little did I know how much I would become my own self hero on a journey that has become a mission.

My Hero’s Journey began almost 3 years ago, I realized I had become complacent and didn’t like who the man in the mirror had become. I was so disappointed with my self for not continuing to grow and challenge myself. I really didnt know where to start, didnt know anyone who was on a path of growing within.

I picked up a book as my first mentor, I have continued to go on this mission of self discovery being relentless. looking at the man in the mirror everyday and asking for guidance to the next step. looking at the man in the mirror with disappointment for many months as I began my hero’s journey was hard and discouraging at times. I kept digging in and pushing myself, confronting issues that had compounded over many years of not dealing with old emotions. Emotions are so powerful especially the negative emotions. In my experience negative emotions are the ones that were holding me back and keeping me from progressing.

I had built so much anger towards people and situations about horrible things from the past. I let those things dictate my identity, I had a reason for being who I was. I let the negative emotions control me and who I had become. I had excuse after excuse for why I did the things I did.

One of the first emotions I decided to confront was forgiveness, I started the process of forgiving not for the other person, to free myself from the pain and anger of others. looking back this was the hardest thing for me to do personally, to let go of the past was beyond hard

When you raise the green flag and start your hero’s journey you will be confronted with your very own emotions. No matter what confront you on your journey, i would like to encourage you to keep going, do not quit. Please do not let your emotions prevent you from becoming your very own hero. The heros journey will impact you and change you in ways beyond your imagination. Not only will it change you, You will change people around you (community, family and friends).

The heros journey will change you…

Master Week #17

You Are Powerful

Some of us have given our power away to others or think we don’t have any power. Today I write this blog to inform you that YOU ARE POWERFUL.

A few days ago I honestly did not know just how powerful I am. I accidentally found out just how powerful I am. I’ve been working on my speaking abilities now for about 2 years. Prior to this I was the person that hid in the back of the room, trying to be invisible, not seen or heard. My voice was muted for most of my life, deep down I wanted to speak out and give my opinion, my advice and share my knowledge.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the courage to use my voice. It hindered my communication with my family. I had a really hard time looking people in the eye when I spoke to them. I down right hated speaking, most of the time I hated getting serious about any topic. I self-taught me how to get things done through silence without sound.

I didn’t understand why I was like this, as I write this I am processing old thoughts and feelings of being silent with a full functioning voice. In the year 2017 I decided to go through what ever it would take to embrace my voice and the power of it. I found a local Toastmaster and joined. I started developing my skills and speaking my truth. My very first speech at Toastmaster, I was terrified, legs shaking, adrenalin rush, dry mouthed and I wanted to run out of the room in terror. I could have easily done this, I chose to stay and finish.

6 min later I finished my speech, and for several weeks I had this pit in my stomach, A pit that was telling me why did you do this to me. You were not supposed to do this, why did you tell this story. It took several weeks for me to get over this, and by the end of 2017 I had given several speeches, won a few awards from competitions that I entered. My voice was here to stay. I kept pushing past the fear, doubt, frustration and being down right judged.

I have since created beautiful relationships with my family, expressing more of my love for my children and wife, Bringing us closer than I ever imagined. Never fully understanding how much my voice could impact others.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a room of Entrepreneurs, the power of my voice brought complete strangers together, hugging one another, exchanging information to keep them in contact within each other. This is a moment I will remember forever. I decided to share this with you because, just like the words that exit my mouth, Words are the blueprint for your future. The more you can express yourself through words either by voice, paper or sign language. The better you get at stacking them to describe anything, the job you want, the house you want, the person you want to become etc.. the more powerful words become.

Through words YOU ARE POWERFUL.

Master Key Week #16

When You Notice Kindness

This week in the Master Key System it was kindness week, It was a week to notice kindness, and this is what I discovered when you notice kindness from others.

This process of noticing kindness is a mind shift, to deliberately notice acts of kindness taking place all around you. Kindness is always taking place, most of the time it goes unnoticed or you take it for granted.

When I deliberately started looking for kindness, in my mind I originally started looking for big acts of kindness. This is what my mind was thinking personally, I quickly realized the more I participated, Kindness was taking place at all levels big and small. I was never really tuned in to notice acts of kindness. When I started to tune in, I began to notice spectacular things happening and taking place all the time.

I seen my children offer to do things For my wife, they were helping one another do things. My youngest daughter was inspired by my oldest daughter, and a compliment was given. I noticed my son genuinely love his sisters and initiate giving hugs. So many acts of kindness were taking place.

As I continued my week, I also noticed men holding doors open for women, I witness a young boy help a senior citizen cross the parking lot. I watched several people give to goodwill donation station. I was blown away as I heard many people say Thank You.  I witnessed my self impact others with my words and brought complete strangers to hug each other. This moment was beautiful, your words impact others to perform acts of kindness. Several people complimented my wife and I for bringing our community together.

In closing I learned once you begin looking for kindness in others, you quickly realize kindness is within you. You begin to notice the kind things you do for others and how you impact your family and your community. Kindness is always happening to you, around you and in your community. If your not aware of it, you wont notice kindness

Master Key Week#15

Change Is Happening


We are officially in the year 2019, and how are you doing with change? Wether I like it or not change is happening.

As I continue this self-action course, what I have noticed is. I have become very aware of the changes taking place. I have become the observer and witness to my changes. Change is not easy, especially when rewriting the old blueprint. And many of the programs were installed when I was a young boy.

Looking to my parents and accepting what they taught me. taking on so many negative programs. Such as… Being a man, relationships, Role of a father, anger, financial, health, husband, uncle, friendships,religion etc…

I now understand they taught me what they learned and they passed down the knowledge they understood to be correct. They passed down information from what they felt was right under the circumstances we lived. With integrity, honesty and trying to convey all of the different aspects of life, they did the best they could. I then took the knowledge and applied it to my life. I am now understanding this knowledge did not work out for me very well in all the different aspects of life.

It has been so hard letting go of years and years of knowledge I was once knew as right. And to place 90% of it in the spam folder has been difficult. May the truth be told, it has been the hardest part of this change. I proudly write this and I say to you “I’m doing it”.

My old programs are fighting me tooth and nail to the death, as I watch this old energy die, I also watch this new energy emerge from the ashes. This is more exciting because I’m watching myself impact people’s lives, inspiring people, watching my fear be destroyed and experiencing the unknown. Not only for my benefit, for the benefit for every person I come into contact with. Its like I got a new pair of eyes to see things, I havent seen before.

Change is here, it’s here to stay and this new energy of change I embrace, because I know if I fight this old energy/program it only makes the pain last longer. Instead I embrace this new me, this new program and this new energy with love and honour. As I watch this old energy/program fade away, I am grateful for it, for it got me this far and I wish this old program the best as it converts to new energy/program.

At times it feels like I’m a flashlight with cheap batteries and it only flickers in the darkness. While it lights my out slowly flicker by flicker, showing me my path only for a second at a time. As I hold this flickering flashlight, my family clings on to me while I guide them to our new destiny.



Master key Week #14

The Holidays Are Here Again


This week for me has been very challenging doing the Master Key System. The Holidays are here again, this week went by so fast during the Holiday Season, almost a blur.

I struggled with trying to get all of the exercises in for this week. I missed 1 day completely, it was just go, go, go. This 1 day turned into days, Its Thursday night I just had a team webinar that I participated in. I had to come clean and be honest with my tribe, and admit I did not do my tasks for 3 full days.

The guilt I felt for not doing my self-action, was very difficult to admit. I promised myself that I would be honest to myself and my tribe during this growing  process of becoming the best version of myself. The thought of not completing my daily tasks took a toll on my mind.

I found myself thinking of the tasks all day, I found myself repeating in my mind all the exercises over and over. More importantly what I discovered was, I am going to have days like this from my regular life, derailing me off the tracks to my destination. I can accept defeat and continue not to grow. Or I can fix the broken tracks to destination ” The best Version Of My Self”. I am in no position of quitting the Master Key now or in the future.

My future self is just beyond the next bend of this monumental mountain, just a few more feet. We are more than half way into this 6 month hurricane of emotions and getting to know who we are, this is a hurricane like no other. This week 14 has been one of the toughest weeks climbing this self discovery mountain, I have ever put my mind through. I have learned and grown leaps and bounds beyond anything I have ever done.

I have faced myself, my shadow and the man in the mirror and I must persist until I reach destination ” The best Version of Myself”. You see this mission has challenged me in so many ways. 1.Intellectually 2.Physically 3.Mentally 4.Emotionally and I honestly feel if I quit now what a waste of time. More importantly I will never meet the man I am to be. If your reading this blog it was meant for you to read and I hope it inspires to keep going, because just around that next bend in this mountain of growth, Is your best version of you waiting to greet you.

Until Next Week

Abel L

Master Key Week #13

Who Have I Fallen In Love With?


What a week of observing who I am, What I have come to realize is, I have fallen in Love with myself. Some where along my journey and mission in life. I’ve always given the best of me to everyone else. Never did I give myself the best of me..

As I continued to do the exercises this week and look myself in the mirror while reading the guy in the glass and saying to myself I Love You. I got to admit when I frist started this exercise it was weird. Looking at myself and saying I Love You. Not only was it weird and uncomfortable I had a hard time saying 3 words to myself.

As I stood there looking at myself this week and becoming aware of myself, looking me in the eye. Everyday for the last several weeks it didn’t hit me, I never looked at myself with love. I looked at myself with disappointment, sadness, hatred at times, other times I never noticed the man in the mirror. Other times I wouldn’t acknowledge the man In the mirror.

I can honestly tell you with pride I have fallen back in love with myself, and I am so thrilled to share this with you. What I have come to understand is this, when love begins to fill your heart, your mind and your soul. You begin to look at the world from a different pair of eyes. It’s like a fog is lifted and you can see for the first time.

Its like going from a dark room and walking into direct sunlight. For the first few minutes your eyes need to adjust to the brightness. Once your eyes adjust you start to see the beauty of nature. The details of the flower and the wings of a bee pollinating that flower. Its like looking at the world for the first time, without prejudice and judgement of anything.

I know that I will never be the same man. I know I am here for a mission far greater than I ever imagined. This love that has filled my heart, is radiating from my being. It is impacting and letting off a vibration that is undeniably affecting my family in so many ways. If you are reading this blog, This powerful love is now impacting you. I love you for taking the time to read my entire experience.

Master Key Week#12

Holiday Season

This time of year is a little more difficult for me to stay on task. I have so many distractions and it feels like daylight approaches fast.

I have come to realize life is about challenges and conquering them and moving forward. The Master Key System has allowed me to come into an awareness of, it doesn’t always go as planned no matter how well you plan. I am in a state of constant adjusting my days from unexpected things happening, plans shifting, new tasks to be completed etc…

I have become a master at reorganizing my day as it happens. Always making sure I attain my goals no matter what curve balls get thrown at me. It seems now that I am more promise oriented, more things happen to try to knock me off my game plan. What I can tell you is Iam so focused on becoming the person I created in my mind, and the person created in my mind already exists and waiting for me.

You see I now know that every step I take, is one more step closer to the person I become. All the exercises that have been implemented into my daily life has interrupted my regularly scheduled programming. I am confident I will reach the man I created in my mind, I am going to impact and inspire many people who cross my path. What I am saying is that I am so determined and committed to becoming the best version of myself.

As I look at the man in the glass, I can’t cheat him from the man he will become. So excited to experience new things and cross more barriers, I once thought I could not.

Master Key Week#11

Change Your Mind And You Change Your Life

I can’t believe we are in week 11, Where has the time gone??? As the weeks have come and gone my mind has been shifting slowly. When I first started the Master Key System little did I know just how much change would take place. At first it was really overwhelming getting adjusted to all the mental exercises.

My mind and body were totally trying to take over and run the old programs looking for my regular routine. I kept getting on this bucking horse and taming my body, letting my body know it was no longer in charge. My mind was eager for change but my body was looking for what it does regularly. When I would sit and try to quiet my mind, my body would get itchy, have aches and pains and would try not to allow me sit and perform my exercises.

This was really frustrating because my mind and my thoughts were changing with eagerness and my body was playing catch up. This for me was the real struggle, quieting my body to sit and be still. At times it felt like a losing battle because I would give in and let my body take over. I never gave up, everyday I would force my body to sit, to join my mind and participate in this new daily ritual. Eventually after a few weeks my body finally joined my mind and I could actually enjoy the changes taking place.

What I have come to realize is my body was looking for the same stimulates it had been use to for most of my life. When you decide to change your mind, you change your life is quote I picked up along this journey. A man is more willing to control people by the masses, than to control his own mind and body. This is really the fundamentals of this experience. I have started to see changes in myself that I never thought possible and to see my family support, encourage and push me has been the best part. I can honestly tell you that you the blogs I write are a documentary of who I was and who I am becoming.

Stay Tuned as I continue this mission impossible of doing this great work on myself, I know ” I can be, What I will to be”


Abel Lozano