Master Key Week #23



Energy Shift

This has been a very challenging and rewarding course, My time invested in the course was really time invested in me. I have seen and witnessed my energy shift from woe is me to wow  is me.

When I first started The Master Key System, I thought it would be another one of those courses I would not put my all into. And make excuse after excuse of why its not working. I was wong, I pre-judged myself and the course.

Every decision I make in life is my decision, not one person makes my decisions for me. People may try and persuay me to the left or right to agree or disagree. Every decision that I made in this course has caused an evolution within me. I evolved as a man, individual and person. I took off my own gloves and challenged myself in so many areas of my life. When I look back at the breadcrumbs over the last 6 months, I can see clearly where I started and where I’m at today. I can see the path I carved out for myself.

It was like I was in the jungle with a machete clearing each and every step. With every swipe and swing, I opened a path for my next step. I began to get encouraged the more I progressed. There were times when I stood in one spot taking several swings with my machete clearing the dense thick weeds, braches and brush. It was those moments when I felt like quitting. As I looked forward I couldnt see where I was going, I couldnt see my destination. When I looked back I could see my progress and how I got here.1865639_S.jpg

In those moments of wanting to quit, I took a break, caught my breath, wiped the sweat from my forehead and continued. I realized in the moments of thinking of quitting were the moments I found inspiration. I learned more when I came upon resistance, I was able to see my weaknesses and strengths.

As I persavered forward carving out my path, I would finally reach a destination. What I found was within and a gift so worth the set backs. I found love inside me, A love I never knew was there. An unconditional love, that didnt judge me, was happy for me, love that was always there waiting for me to find it, love that fills my heart every morning, a love that wakes me at 1am, 2am,3am and 4am to remind me how much I am loved. Every time I awaken I place my feet on the ground and say ” Thank you for waking me and reminding me how much you love me, I love you too. Thank You for my life, May today be the best day of my life”

I instantly feel this warm sensation rush over my body, I would joyfully fall back to sleep. This is the energy shift I really want to talk about. It took several months of trekking through the dense jungle of my mind, carving out a new way of thinking. Making room for new thoughts and understandings of who I was becoming. There are no shortcuts to the new you. It really starts with you taking that first step into the jungle.

Be patient with yourself because if you truly do the work and start clearing a new path for the new you. You will come up against resistance sooner than later. And it’s those moments when the energy shifts. The destination you reach will be so rewarding for you


Master Key Week#22a


Your Truth

When you find your truth, what do you do with it. This week was a very challenging week in so may ways. I’ve decided to narrow it down to one topic.

During the course of the Master Key System you learn so many new things about who you are. You face many challenges of who you are, I ask you when you learn new things about you. Will you accept the new you, disregard the new things and go back to what is your safety zone, or embrace the new you with open arms.

I’ve been struggling with finding my voice for many years, I was afraid to give my opinions, share my thoughts and express myself for 90% of my life.  I can recall many times when I was asked for my opinion, thought or advice having this surge of adrenalin rush through my body. I never knew why this was happening, or what it was. I can remember moments when these feelings would arise, I would ignore the person, simply say : I don’t know”, or answer with anger.

As I continued to grow and learn during the Master Key System, I began to notice this happening more. It felt like I was being tested, people were asking me more questions, wanting my opinions and asking me to share my thoughts. As people started to challenge me. I wanted to retreat and go back to my old ways, what was comfortable to me. Many times I would go back to the comfy spot, and other times I would really use my voice and share.

It was hard in the beginning responding to everyone challenging me, and I have since started stepping into the light sharing my thoughts when asked. I am getting better at answering random questions. Even writing my blogs were very difficult as a requirement of the Master Keys program. I felt so uncomfortable sharing my learning experiences for you to read. This process of writing has helped me get thoughts out of my head and on this screen for you to enjoy.

Over the weeks I have gotten more relaxed about sharing my learning experiences with you. I share my experiences with you in hopes of inspiring you to find your truth and to never quit. The one take away I want to share with you is, when you come to a challenging situation, step into it, for just beyond the challenge is growth and comfort.

What you may find is something so awesome about you. There is hidden treasure just 3 feet away, from where you might quit. If you quit you will never find your truth, in my case I found my voice.



Master Key Week #22



As I continue the Abel Makeover, and discover more and more about me. My life will never be like it was.

It will never be like it was because, I will never be like I was. I have changed so many aspects of me and who I thought I was. I have been reprogramming so many programs running in the background without my knowledge.

It was like I went through 1000’s of apps, deleting and upgrading. Upgrading me to this more aware, loving, powerful, secure, magnificent, benevolent, full of compassion, creative individual. I have been going through a massive reconstruction of self, that was long over due.

My self-awareness is running to 100%, when a negative thought enters my mind. The first thing I do is ask it, Why are you thinking this? It has yet to give me an answer. When my thoughts want to bring up the past, I simply say “Thank you for the reminder, I forgive my past, I’m not thinking about that at this moment.”

Here is what I have found with my negative thought pattern. Every time I have a negative thought. I question the voice that gave me the thought. This has prevented thoughts from going on hypothetical journeys, and creating all unnecessary thoughts from forming into director produced movies of what if this, what if that.

This was my way of getting thoughts under control, taking control of your thoughts are such a big part of reprogramming your self. I now have very little negative thoughts, and when one tries to get in, It goes through a security program. All negative thoughts get patted down, stripped searched, screened, and questioned. When this process is over I replace that negative thought with a thought of love, joy, happiness or fun.

This Abel makeover has given me more tools over the last several weeks, than my entire life has ever given me. I was never told I could kick out that annoying roommate that tries to look at life negatively. Negative roommate you have been given notice to cease and desist. You are no longer given permission to keep the negative tapes playing.

The tapes I speak of are: woe is me, betrayal, anger, sorrow, low energy its-self. You are no longer welcome here.

I have found a roommate that is encouraging, supportive, excited for the future, loving, compassionate, positive, and authentic.



Master Key Week #21


My Tools

What a week, What a week. I now have a toolbox with old tools that have been cleaned and polished, I also added quite a few new tools that I now refer to as MY TOOLS.

This week I’ve been prepping for a networking event for local business owners to come together. Meet new people, exchange ideas, have conversations and get out of the normal day to day things we do. I hosted a meeting called Lunch and Learn, this event was an event to come eat lunch while learning from a few members.

I had 21 people RSVP, eight of them showed. I was a little disappointed because I wouldn’t be able to serve them and give them value. So I focused on the people who attended, gave them my 100%.

The first two people to show up were men with big egos, I kept my smile and composure. These two individuals challenged me in so many ways. They were being very rude and aggressive. The questions they were throwing at me were a reflection of who they are, they were even ignoring me while I answered them. I kept on, brushed them off and didn’t let their negativity phase me.

My goal was to bring value to my community and I stuck with it. The meeting begins, I open the event with a big smile, Thanked everyone for showing up. I had everyone introduce themselves and what they did. It started off fantastic and everyone was on a roll, making new contacts. My speakers did a fantastic job during their presentations. Everyone ate while learning, and everyone left with take aways.

The tools that helped me were this; during the rude and aggressive behaviors of the two men. I could have participated and responded with defensive answers, that would have come from a negative place. The tools I have learned from Master Keys kicked in. All I could see was kindness in them, and this allowed me to have compassion for them. I was able to keep my cool and I allowed their negativity to roll off me.

At the end the two gentlemen approached me now with gratitude. Their whole perception, body language, attitude and aggressive behavior was gone. The tools that I now have, I will be able to approach life differently regardless of the situation. I am very proud of myself for being me, I have changed from the man I was just a few short months ago. ” I will live this day as if it was my last” OG Mandino.

Master Key Week#20



I have been asking myself why did I choose to travel down a road where I have never been, in complete darkness and not knowing where this road would lead me.

This question has been asked not by me alone, but several people as well. I was at a crossroads in my life. I could have gone down the same road and experience the same things, I would have seen the same scenery, people, places and events.

I could have stayed exactly where I’ve been and I would have experienced being paralyzed, stagnant, and confused. I knew if I stayed right where I was, I would not change anything due to fear of the unknown. Fear if is a feeling and emotion that will prevent you from doing what you want to do. Fear will stop you dead in your tracks, and prevent you from experiencing something new.

I was at stillness of trying to decide what I wanted from myself, my life, who I wanted to become and the people I wanted to impact. I could have easily retreated and raised my white flag and surrendered. If I would have pushed the easy button I would never found out who I was about to become.

As I stayed paralyzed at this crossroad for several days, Many thoughts were coming and going. Thoughts of turn around, go home and its ok nobody will know you went home with your tail between your legs. My ego kept trying to convince me to quit, and it was doing a damn good job why I should turn back, it almost convinced me.

My last decision to make was to go left or right, I started to weigh my pros and cons of who I would become on a journey of self discovery. If I do nothing, I get nothing. I already stopped growing as an individual, I was beginning to die inside. This wasnt the life I really wanted. I was where I was because I was chasing a money dream. And it seemed that the more I chased it, the further the money distanced itself from me.

There were days I remember working day and night for many years. keeping me from my family and thinking it was best for my family. This was the hardest thing to swallow, all the years that were lost due to my mindset. I realized my work ethic only distanced me from money and my family.

The reason why I made the right turn decision on this newly charted course is for many reasons, I did not like who I became, I did not like how my family relationships became so distant. I was disappointed with myself for becoming complacent. I knew that in order for things to change. I had to change. Not one person could do this for me, only me and me alone. I would not do this journey by myself, when I decided travel down a new road, so many people showed up in the form of mentors and guides.

The person I have become, was well worth the discomfort I had to go through to get where I am at today. I will never become complacent, I will continue to push my limits of who I think I am. Greatness is within me, waiting for me to bring it out.

Greatness is being released now.

Master Key Week#19

I Got A New Car


This new me is like I got a new car. The Master Key Experience has brought out the best in me. The process started slowly and unknowingly the more I participate in the program the more I became aware of who I was becoming.

The 19 weeks have happened quickly, not without discomfort. The more changes I experienced the more my subconscious mind tried to stop me. Every time you learn something new about who you are. It’s almost like starting over, do I accept or do I reject?

Its like getting a new car for the first time, you know the fundamentals of driving this new car. Where the steering wheel is, the gas and brake pedal, the windshield is in front of you. You sit in it for the very first time when you get it home and the leather seats wrap around you with comfort and you grip the leather wrapped steering wheel. You get excited and ready to drive it for the first time.

Something strange happens, this new car does not require a key, well how do you start it? How do you turn on the lights, I now need to manually shift this car with a paddle. Getting to know this car can be frustrating in the beginning, once you do. Watch out other drivers I’m looking for the fast lane.

I use this analogy because the Master Key has taught me so much about my new self, and its like getting a new car weekly. I know the fundamentals of who I am in this new mind and body. realizing the things of who I have become during every new week. Learning the new aspects of me, can be frustrating. Stepping into the new you every week, you learn more about the new you, as you start to enjoy it and get comfortable, you get a new you in a few days. The process of getting acquainted starts over, are you ready for the new you to emerge.

Believe me there have been times when I got my new car stuck and had to dig my self out. It’s not always fun learning the new things of who you are and letting go of the old version is difficult. This process through the Master Key has been slow and steady a pace that has been great for growth.

I am so excited for my future and more excited to leave the past behind, and as The Greatest Salesman in The World Said. ” I will waste not a moment mourning yesterdays misfortunes, yesterdays defeat, yesterdays aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad.”

As I step into the driver’s seat of this new me I look through the windshield into the future and I chart a course to a destination that I have not seen. I look in the side view mirror and say good-by to the old. On this path I take anyone and make room for everyone who wants to embark on a journey to their very own future.


Master Key Week #18

Unpacking The Packages


When you decide to embark on a journey of self discovery, I also like to call mission impossible. You will be unpacking the packages of information of who you are.

I decide to open every box of information of who I have become or who I thought I was   (my identity). Little did I know what I would be challenged with, I decided to open every package of information that was given to me as a child, man, person and individual regarding every aspect of who I was.

I didn’t open just 1 box, I opened all boxes regarding religion, politics, education being a father, man, son, brother, husband, uncle etc.. I challenged every aspect of me and my ego kept telling to stop, close those boxes, packages and gifts. Most of the information was hard to confront. I knew I would be hurting myself with emotions I had buried and really didnt want to dig up.

Deep inside I knew I needed to do this for me, for my future self. I had emotions of anger, hatred, confusion, and most of the time I had that lump in my throat that prevented me from swallowing. At times I felt like I betrayed everyone that poured into me from the time I was a young boy. My mother, father, grandparents, teachers, children and my beloved wife. I could have easily shut each package and went about my day, except I kept learning new things about me.

I was being challenged by myself to become a better person and to do this I had to let go of a lifetime of information of who I thought I was. I kept pushing past the fear of learning more information about me. I also kept reprogramming my mind with new information. Changing my views, opinions and learning not to always have an opinion about others or others situations. Through this process I can tell you I am not the same person I was just a few short years ago.

The biggest take away for me during this process was to give myself plenty of time to process what I learned, deal with the emotions and forgive myself for who I was and my limited beliefs. I found the more packages of information I opened regarding my identity or who I thought I was, the less information I found that supported that identity, idea or thought.

My ego took a beating, and it was mad. I have since tamed my ego and I now call my ego one of two names Love or compassion. This is a slow process and I don’t think I will ever stop opening new packages about who I am. Only now I open each package with caution and care.


Master Key Week #17 HJ

Heros Journey


When I began this journey of self discovery little did I know how much I would become my own self hero on a journey that has become a mission.

My Hero’s Journey began almost 3 years ago, I realized I had become complacent and didn’t like who the man in the mirror had become. I was so disappointed with my self for not continuing to grow and challenge myself. I really didnt know where to start, didnt know anyone who was on a path of growing within.

I picked up a book as my first mentor, I have continued to go on this mission of self discovery being relentless. looking at the man in the mirror everyday and asking for guidance to the next step. looking at the man in the mirror with disappointment for many months as I began my hero’s journey was hard and discouraging at times. I kept digging in and pushing myself, confronting issues that had compounded over many years of not dealing with old emotions. Emotions are so powerful especially the negative emotions. In my experience negative emotions are the ones that were holding me back and keeping me from progressing.

I had built so much anger towards people and situations about horrible things from the past. I let those things dictate my identity, I had a reason for being who I was. I let the negative emotions control me and who I had become. I had excuse after excuse for why I did the things I did.

One of the first emotions I decided to confront was forgiveness, I started the process of forgiving not for the other person, to free myself from the pain and anger of others. looking back this was the hardest thing for me to do personally, to let go of the past was beyond hard

When you raise the green flag and start your hero’s journey you will be confronted with your very own emotions. No matter what confront you on your journey, i would like to encourage you to keep going, do not quit. Please do not let your emotions prevent you from becoming your very own hero. The heros journey will impact you and change you in ways beyond your imagination. Not only will it change you, You will change people around you (community, family and friends).

The heros journey will change you…

Master Week #17

You Are Powerful

Some of us have given our power away to others or think we don’t have any power. Today I write this blog to inform you that YOU ARE POWERFUL.

A few days ago I honestly did not know just how powerful I am. I accidentally found out just how powerful I am. I’ve been working on my speaking abilities now for about 2 years. Prior to this I was the person that hid in the back of the room, trying to be invisible, not seen or heard. My voice was muted for most of my life, deep down I wanted to speak out and give my opinion, my advice and share my knowledge.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the courage to use my voice. It hindered my communication with my family. I had a really hard time looking people in the eye when I spoke to them. I down right hated speaking, most of the time I hated getting serious about any topic. I self-taught me how to get things done through silence without sound.

I didn’t understand why I was like this, as I write this I am processing old thoughts and feelings of being silent with a full functioning voice. In the year 2017 I decided to go through what ever it would take to embrace my voice and the power of it. I found a local Toastmaster and joined. I started developing my skills and speaking my truth. My very first speech at Toastmaster, I was terrified, legs shaking, adrenalin rush, dry mouthed and I wanted to run out of the room in terror. I could have easily done this, I chose to stay and finish.

6 min later I finished my speech, and for several weeks I had this pit in my stomach, A pit that was telling me why did you do this to me. You were not supposed to do this, why did you tell this story. It took several weeks for me to get over this, and by the end of 2017 I had given several speeches, won a few awards from competitions that I entered. My voice was here to stay. I kept pushing past the fear, doubt, frustration and being down right judged.

I have since created beautiful relationships with my family, expressing more of my love for my children and wife, Bringing us closer than I ever imagined. Never fully understanding how much my voice could impact others.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a room of Entrepreneurs, the power of my voice brought complete strangers together, hugging one another, exchanging information to keep them in contact within each other. This is a moment I will remember forever. I decided to share this with you because, just like the words that exit my mouth, Words are the blueprint for your future. The more you can express yourself through words either by voice, paper or sign language. The better you get at stacking them to describe anything, the job you want, the house you want, the person you want to become etc.. the more powerful words become.

Through words YOU ARE POWERFUL.

Master Key Week #16

When You Notice Kindness

This week in the Master Key System it was kindness week, It was a week to notice kindness, and this is what I discovered when you notice kindness from others.

This process of noticing kindness is a mind shift, to deliberately notice acts of kindness taking place all around you. Kindness is always taking place, most of the time it goes unnoticed or you take it for granted.

When I deliberately started looking for kindness, in my mind I originally started looking for big acts of kindness. This is what my mind was thinking personally, I quickly realized the more I participated, Kindness was taking place at all levels big and small. I was never really tuned in to notice acts of kindness. When I started to tune in, I began to notice spectacular things happening and taking place all the time.

I seen my children offer to do things For my wife, they were helping one another do things. My youngest daughter was inspired by my oldest daughter, and a compliment was given. I noticed my son genuinely love his sisters and initiate giving hugs. So many acts of kindness were taking place.

As I continued my week, I also noticed men holding doors open for women, I witness a young boy help a senior citizen cross the parking lot. I watched several people give to goodwill donation station. I was blown away as I heard many people say Thank You.  I witnessed my self impact others with my words and brought complete strangers to hug each other. This moment was beautiful, your words impact others to perform acts of kindness. Several people complimented my wife and I for bringing our community together.

In closing I learned once you begin looking for kindness in others, you quickly realize kindness is within you. You begin to notice the kind things you do for others and how you impact your family and your community. Kindness is always happening to you, around you and in your community. If your not aware of it, you wont notice kindness