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#Teamlozano Interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza 09/10/2022

The #AbelToDoAnything SHOW // Interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza/ Co-Hosted with Rebecca Lozano

While attending one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long events in Monterey, CA May 9, 2022. Rebecca and I were enjoying some down time enjoying each others company. Discussing the things we learned, people we met and the over all experience we both were having. Having a really wonderful conversation.

We then proceeded to the beach to enjoy a beautiful walk, enjoying the sand between our toes and the taste of sea salt upon our lips. We decided to implement one of Dr. Joes techniques. We both started adding our positive energy to the universe. For over an hour we were both in a state of bliss and giving back to source(adding to the field). Experiencing things we have never experienced such as: Monterey, culture, sights, Pacific Ocean and the sunset from Monterey’s point of view. We then proceeded to our room at the InterContinental Hotel after a long day.

As we stepped into the elevator and I pushed the button for the 2nd Floor, a man walked in. Right away I recognized him as Dr. Joe Dispenza/and he recognized me from my The #Abeltodoanything Show. A show I started on Facebook January 2018. The show has helped me grow as an individual, and has helped me get over my fear of public speaking. We currently have 3000 followers and almost 4000 friends, each show is reaching more people depending on the topic. As we were in the elevator for a quick few minutes, Dr. Joe asked me if I could use another guest to interview. Apparently he has seen several my episodes and wanted to be on as a guest to deliver a message.

As he was asking me about being a guest, I was screaming inside with excitement. Almost to the point where I couldn’t contain my inner child. We exchanged numbers and his people got in touch with me a few days after the retreat was over. I was over joyed with gratitude because I knew Dr. Joe wasnt on that elevator by chance or luck. The universe was working in accordance with my desires.

After speaking with his executive assistant Paula Meyer, she explained to me the message Dr. Joe wanted to share with my audience “How To Change”. He explained how to work with your current state of mind to get your brain to work with you, not against you. Not only was this message about him and the work he does throughout the world and his seminars. It was also recognizing other people in the same field. He was giving Greg Braden and Bruce Lipton credit for also getting the message out there to people all over the world on becoming the greatest versions of them selves.

What he started talking about next was mind-blowing, He began talking about a couple from Hawaii that has helped 30,000 people. Take back their minds, and implement lasting change into the deepest parts of the mind. And how their 6 month course was changing men and women from all over the world. He had done extensive research and was very impressed with the results people were getting. The high success rate of the course and what people were experiencing. Dr. Joe Dispenza then mention the Master Key Experience with Mark Jauszewski and The Fabulous Davene.

Rebecca and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing, the universe was working in divine order. I took the 6 month course ( The Master Key System). When I mentioned this to Dr. Joe he looked at me and smiled, because at that moment he understood the universe put us on that elevator.

You can watch the priceless replay on my Facebook channel. Abel Lozano


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