Master Key System Week #10

Subconscious Has No Chance

Here we go,

I have been implementing so much reading. I would only pick up a book maybe every few years. 2016 was the year that my life changed, it was the first year I decided to make continuous change. One of the changes was to read more and to read often. This journey of reading started on a late night, I was driving home from work late at night approximately 10pm. I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the subconscious mind and how much power it holds. A book was recommended called “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Soon as I got home, I quickly went on to Amazon and ordered the book. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Once the book arrived a few days later, my life has literally changed. I started implementing the techniques recommended. Within a short amount of time things started happening. My mind at that time went into shock because I never challenged my mind this way before. And this is was the beginning of my new life. You see, when you decide to change your mind, you change your life.

This book led me on a journey that has not stopped, I had to get a book shelf. My audio books are also in the double digits. I now love listening to knowledge while I drive and work. Since reading my D.M.P out loud everyday for the last several weeks. I am beginning to understand why. The subconscious does not stand a chance against your own voice. I have noticed the louder I read, with more enthusiasm, I can actually feel 1459128_M.pngit resonate through my body.

The Master key has allowed me to use my voice in a way I never thought possible. To use my voice to change my future, to change my reality. Let me repeat that using your voice to change the outcome of your current reality. The power to change things in your life, through the sound emanating from your mouth. This is insane, why isn’t everybody taking advantage of this simple little trick. I have started walking throughout my house reading my D.M.P loudly and proudly. My family has enjoyed listening to me read my D.M.P. It makes them feel like they are part of it, the Master Keys has helped me become a better man, A person my children admire. Thank You Mark and Davene for this wonderful opportunity. #AbelToDoAnything #Teamlozano

I will always be forever grateful

Abel Lozano

Master Key System Week#9

I Greet This Day With Love in My Heart

What a powerful statement, This month we are reading scroll II in The Greatest Salesman. As I begin reading this upon waking, this is how I start my day, with love in my heart.

When I first began reading this scroll a few weeks ago, I noticed this first sentence ” I Greet This Day With Love in My Heart”. At first it was hard accepting this first thing in the morning. This was due to my negative thinking pattern and not being grateful for another day. As the weeks went by I noticed my mind was shifting slowly. From negative to positive.

As read this sentence every morning , noon and just before bed, I can honestly report. I am honestly greeting this day with love in my heart. This has become my favorite sentence out of scroll II. As I repeat these words daily, it becomes embedded into who I am becoming. I have noticed a drastic change in my personality, the way I approach people and life.

One of the biggest things I have noticed is how people treat me. People seem to be smiling more, greeting me with kindness, happiness and enthusiasm. What I have discovered through this process of being consistent with Master Key is I have become a different person and because I have become a different person, people treat me differently. What I send out to the world, I receive it back. This is the Law of attraction, this powerful law responds to your heart.

When you give without reciprocity, is when you activate this law. I am so happy and grateful for the Law of Attraction presenting the Master Key System me at the right time. So many things have come true since I have implemented the teachings daily. As I write this blog, I write with love from my heart. may this blog fill your heart with love, joy and happiness

Abel Lozano


Master Key System Week#8

Stop The Programming!!!

What a week, So many things to tell and share. Where do I start? This weeks promise was to unplug, cut the cord, stop the programming.

This week we were given the task of unplugging from the television. Literally go to the television and unplug it from the power, This is a task I did at the end of 2016. I was sick and tired of the programming. In 2016 when I decided to disconnect from my television, I did it with anger and passion. I was mad at myself for watching the garbage that was being broadcasted. getting caught up with binge watching seasons of this and that. The time wasted and taken from myself and my family that I will never get back.

I found myself distracted and addicted to programmed T.V.  Many hours of my life was dedicated to television, and I wasnt even aware of this addiction. Programmed television programmed me to watch all the non-sense shows, making me feel like I needed this and if I missed an episode, I missed so much. This behavior transferred to my children and they too got hooked on certain shows and programs. Television is called programmed television for a reason, I was programmed to watch it everyday. Now that I sit here and write this, I recall several commercials that made me feel a certain way. All the pharmaceutical, car, laundry, sports and gadget commercials that would try to persuade me.

I can remember times where I was in a daze and staring at the T.V without purpose or awareness, looking back I realize that my mind was put into trance like state, to alter my mind for what ever it was T.V wanted to program into my mind. To buy, feel, convince, vote etc…

The cable was also cut without hesitation, I knew that if I was going to do this it had to be everything. I wasnt the only one that would be affected. This decision would impact my entire family. My family and I all struggled with no T.V for the first week. Anger, frustration were a few emotions that were expressed during this process. So thankful I went rogue on Televisions Entertainment. It was hard in the beginning, so worth it today.

Since doing this so many more hours are spent with my wife and children. Time is what we all have that is evenly distributed among every living creature here on Earth. Time is something we can never get back. My family has had so many more hours(time) spent with each other. Creating bonds, memories and stronger relationships with my wife and children.

It all started with a decision to unplug from T.V

Master Key Sysytem Week #7

Mental Diet????

As I was given this weekly assignment of a mental diet, I seriously thought “No Problem”..

Let me explain, This mental diet is to stay positive for a week straight (7 days). The object is to be in a state of mind where you have no negative thoughts. And if you have a negative thought you start your 7 day mental diet over.

Day 1:  This was the hardest day for me to start. You see what I found was in order to have no negative thoughts, you really need to be aware of everything you are thinking. As I accepted this mental diet I soon began to realize you have thoughts all day 24-7, on average you have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. Most of the thoughts you have are about yesterday (the past). I quickly realized that I was sorting through 1000’s of things I was thinking. I quickly failed on day 1.

Day 2: As I began to become aware of my thoughts and sifting through all of the 70,000 thoughts a day, this became a challenge. Now I’m thinking about my thoughts negative and positive. I think because of this now I know I must be having about 100,000 thoughts just by adding this dimension of thinking to my thoughts. Needless to say I failed day 2.

Day 3: Ok, day 3 I’m finally beginning to understand my self a little better. I discovered a few patterns. I noticed when i was having a negative thought, it was about a friendship that went bad. The 2nd negative thought that kept reoccurring was of a business relationship. It was this moment I realized in order for me progress i seriously needed to forgive. I immediately went through my forgiveness process for the two thoughts that kept reoccurring. Day 3 was a fail but not without a lesson. I found out more about myself and things I need to work on. What I quickly realize is working on your self takes time a lifetime. Even though I’ve been having negative thoughts, I have continued growing, changing and evolving into the greatest version of myself.

Day 4: Now that I have discovered and forgiven and moved on, Day 4 was much better. Day 4 I had a great day of positive thinking without any negative thoughts. I had a feeling of I DID IT. It was a wonderful accomplishment, and I’m very grateful for this exercise in so many ways. this mental diet allowed me to realize just how negative my mind really is. This mental diet has allowed my to uncover more about who I am and who I am becoming. I was told by a mentor recently that the discovery of self is the great work. I now understand what this means. Day 5 which is now day 1, i now understand will be just as challenging and i know more thing will be coming to surface as I implement this mental diet into my daily life.

All in All at times you feel overwhelmed by your own thought process, and you really learn more about you. 1). Your triggers 2). You 3). Your mind 4). Things you need to work on. As I sit here and blog this experience I finally understand how powerful I really am with thought alone.

Master Key System Week #6

What a week…..

This week was full of the unknown

It started out on Sunday with our new projects, I was like whaaaat!!!!!

I immediately got a shovel and started digging in, I loved all the new exercises to develop my mind even further. The movie board is incredible, it’s now finally starting to sink in. My mind has been boggled with shapes and colors.

I’m seeing more and more colors and shapes every time I step outside. Im seeing blue rectangles, red circles, green triangles and yellow squares everywhere. Im finding my mind isn’t running some of the programs anymore. When my mind does start to slip I have been catching myself. Negative thought patterns are so hard to over come and its been challenging to say the least.

Every time I notice a negative thought I am taking my power back. When you are aware of the negative thoughts they become less and less. What I also have started to notice is when I notice my negative thoughts, I have been asking my mind WHY are you having this thought? And the answer I’ve been getting is a memory of the past, which tells me this is a thought that has been programmed in my mind.

This is called your Beta mind. The beta mind looks for old beliefs and programs to identify a past experience and brings it forward to your now experience. The beta mind is constantly bringing forward old or past experiences. This confirms who you are and validates why you feel a certain way about a certain person, topic or experience. The beta mind must be stopped at all costs. My overall experience this week has been challenging and fun with all the new mind tools that we have been given.  Im so grateful I decided to take the Master Key challenge. #AbelToDoAnything #MKE

Master Key Week #4


I can’t believe it week 4 really, It seems like yesterday I was applying to be accepted. This week has been mind-blowing and challenging. I have been reading the Greatest Salesman 3x daily. I can probably recite it to you by memory. The words have become part of me. My DMP is being crafted with my master minds. I have had to dig really deep from within and ask my self some really tough questions to get a simple understanding of my thought process.

This journey from within has been challenging to say the least (understatement). Many of the exercises have been challenging my mind more than anything. My subconscious mind at times I find is fighting me. I have been very aware of the thoughts that have been popping into my mind, it’s a voice that never wants to be quiet. It’s always there trying to persuade, reason, cause fear, sadness, self pity etc..

My biggest take away this week has been questioning my thoughts. Why do you keep talking? Why are you saying this? Why do you want me to feel this way? What I have discovered is when I ask questions like this, my subconscious stops talking and never gives me an answer. This voice at times is a room-mate that is not always wanted, and I can never evict or give a 30 day notice. What I find really interesting is it actually is speaking both sides of the conversation in my head. I now understand it is my job to stop and interrupt my the voices and conversations that are taking place.

The exercises are designed to do just that re-direct and stop the thoughts/voices to think about what you want it to do. I am beginning to grasp the idea more about linking promises to shapes and colors. The linking activities are designed to interrupt what ever the mind is doing, thinking and saying. Cant wait for week #5

Blog Soon

Abel L.

Master Key Experience Week #3

“Subconscious Mind, I’m Catching On”

Its week 3  October 11,2018, on this journey of self discovery. So many more lessons learned this week.

Lets be real, This week was exceptionally hard for me because of so many reasons. I will need to break it down to a topic or two.  I have been experiencing extreme pain in my left knee and left foot all week. Going back and forth to the Dr. to try to figure out what was going on. I was in so much pain I needed to use crutches to maneuver around the house. Trying to take a shower with so much pain and on crutches “forget about it” (impossible). At times I felt like a burden as I would continually ask my wife Rebecca for help. I know it tested her patience and her heart, I’m so grateful she stuck it out.

As a proud man I also felt like I couldn’t provide her with love and affection. I was going down this rabbit hole fast. What I started to noticed was I was suffering from pools of self pity. When I became aware this was going on, I immediately was reminded of the first scroll in “The Greatest Salesman”. I found me saying to myself  “self pitty no more”, I quickly began to change my thoughts to thoughts of my future self. And I noticed my DMP started playing in my mind ( It was a powerful moment).

As my mind was shifting from self pity to self-awareness. I understood my old program was creeping in. Trying to pull me back to emotions and feelings I knew very well. I noticed that when you become aware of your thoughts, you add a whole other dimension to your thought process. At this point of noticing and being aware of what was taking place, I now know that this is a first test of many to come. I only hope I’m aware enough to catch every old programmed thought. This was a valuable learning lesson for me for so many reasons. I was able to identify my thought patterns and redirect them to more positive outcomes.

This is my mind and I’m in charge



Master Key Experience week#2

Today is Thursday October 4th 2018, I am writing this post to let you know about my Master Key Experience. It started Sunday September 30,2018 I attended our weekly webinar to learn more (tips,tricks) and to get this weeks assignment. I was blown away at the material, We have started this project called linking, where we link our minds to a task, color and shape. At first it seemed silly, and Monday got here and I started seeing a particular color and associating it with my task for the week. I knew then and there that my mind was beginning to focus on things differently. Here comes Tuesday and I’m feeling like I’m beginning to assign an emotion of excitement to my subconscious mind, due to some of the other things I was taught. This is really taking my mind off the negative things that I would typically think about.

This process is taking my subconscious mind on a journey it doesn’t even know is happening. I will continue to complete this weeks mind exercises and implement all the techniques I’ve learned this week. This is a journey of using my mind to inspire my subconscious mind to participate without even knowing its doing anything. If I understand it correctly I am reprogramming my subconscious minds programs. Super excited to learn more this coming Sunday.

Abel Lozano

Master Key Experience “Week 1”

This is my week 1 experience, it started September 23, 2018. This course fell into my lap exactly at the right time. If it was a week sooner I would not have applied for the scholarship. This is a course you can not buy for any price, you must apply and go through a process to get accepted into the course. You must do several requirements to maintain your scholarship over the next 6 months.

As I began this self-action course, I quickly understood how important this course is to the development of my mind, and inner self. Everything being taught, have been things I’ve been learning about since the first day I began battling all the self-limiting thoughts. I understand the material and I have not had a problem incorporating all the exercises into my daily life. As a matter of fact it has been a fun process pushing the limits of my mind. And broadening the scope of the capabilities of my inner self, and reprogramming the automatic programs that have been put in place at a young age from my loved ones and society. The MASTER KEY SYSTEM is nothing like Ive ever seen, I Love everything about this system. Cant wait for week 2.