Master Key Week #23



Energy Shift

This has been a very challenging and rewarding course, My time invested in the course was really time invested in me. I have seen and witnessed my energy shift from woe is me to wow  is me.

When I first started The Master Key System, I thought it would be another one of those courses I would not put my all into. And make excuse after excuse of why its not working. I was wong, I pre-judged myself and the course.

Every decision I make in life is my decision, not one person makes my decisions for me. People may try and persuay me to the left or right to agree or disagree. Every decision that I made in this course has caused an evolution within me. I evolved as a man, individual and person. I took off my own gloves and challenged myself in so many areas of my life. When I look back at the breadcrumbs over the last 6 months, I can see clearly where I started and where I’m at today. I can see the path I carved out for myself.

It was like I was in the jungle with a machete clearing each and every step. With every swipe and swing, I opened a path for my next step. I began to get encouraged the more I progressed. There were times when I stood in one spot taking several swings with my machete clearing the dense thick weeds, braches and brush. It was those moments when I felt like quitting. As I looked forward I couldnt see where I was going, I couldnt see my destination. When I looked back I could see my progress and how I got here.1865639_S.jpg

In those moments of wanting to quit, I took a break, caught my breath, wiped the sweat from my forehead and continued. I realized in the moments of thinking of quitting were the moments I found inspiration. I learned more when I came upon resistance, I was able to see my weaknesses and strengths.

As I persavered forward carving out my path, I would finally reach a destination. What I found was within and a gift so worth the set backs. I found love inside me, A love I never knew was there. An unconditional love, that didnt judge me, was happy for me, love that was always there waiting for me to find it, love that fills my heart every morning, a love that wakes me at 1am, 2am,3am and 4am to remind me how much I am loved. Every time I awaken I place my feet on the ground and say ” Thank you for waking me and reminding me how much you love me, I love you too. Thank You for my life, May today be the best day of my life”

I instantly feel this warm sensation rush over my body, I would joyfully fall back to sleep. This is the energy shift I really want to talk about. It took several months of trekking through the dense jungle of my mind, carving out a new way of thinking. Making room for new thoughts and understandings of who I was becoming. There are no shortcuts to the new you. It really starts with you taking that first step into the jungle.

Be patient with yourself because if you truly do the work and start clearing a new path for the new you. You will come up against resistance sooner than later. And it’s those moments when the energy shifts. The destination you reach will be so rewarding for you



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  1. Miriam Papke

    Great analogy. It is work and it is worth it and finding the heart of ourselves is the most powerful destination ever. We have love to give when the receptor channel is freely open. Thank you for your beautiful description.

  2. hereinspired

    Really love the jungle analogy for describing the journey. Wow is you is right! Great job blogging and sharing your insights and experiences, I really enjoy reading them!

  3. cindyoneblog

    I like the part here where you cared about your self and checked out if there was any progress. wow shocker . i have gone back into the videos and grabbed my missed placed ego ideas that interupted my learning fully… great job and i love your blog. thanks.

  4. Soonil MKE

    WOW!! This was an awesome analogy. You are a great writer. I am so happy for you that you got to experience the unconditional love. You are definitely a WOW

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