Master Key Week#22a


Your Truth

When you find your truth, what do you do with it. This week was a very challenging week in so may ways. I’ve decided to narrow it down to one topic.

During the course of the Master Key System you learn so many new things about who you are. You face many challenges of who you are, I ask you when you learn new things about you. Will you accept the new you, disregard the new things and go back to what is your safety zone, or embrace the new you with open arms.

I’ve been struggling with finding my voice for many years, I was afraid to give my opinions, share my thoughts and express myself for 90% of my life.  I can recall many times when I was asked for my opinion, thought or advice having this surge of adrenalin rush through my body. I never knew why this was happening, or what it was. I can remember moments when these feelings would arise, I would ignore the person, simply say : I don’t know”, or answer with anger.

As I continued to grow and learn during the Master Key System, I began to notice this happening more. It felt like I was being tested, people were asking me more questions, wanting my opinions and asking me to share my thoughts. As people started to challenge me. I wanted to retreat and go back to my old ways, what was comfortable to me. Many times I would go back to the comfy spot, and other times I would really use my voice and share.

It was hard in the beginning responding to everyone challenging me, and I have since started stepping into the light sharing my thoughts when asked. I am getting better at answering random questions. Even writing my blogs were very difficult as a requirement of the Master Keys program. I felt so uncomfortable sharing my learning experiences for you to read. This process of writing has helped me get thoughts out of my head and on this screen for you to enjoy.

Over the weeks I have gotten more relaxed about sharing my learning experiences with you. I share my experiences with you in hopes of inspiring you to find your truth and to never quit. The one take away I want to share with you is, when you come to a challenging situation, step into it, for just beyond the challenge is growth and comfort.

What you may find is something so awesome about you. There is hidden treasure just 3 feet away, from where you might quit. If you quit you will never find your truth, in my case I found my voice.




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  1. hereinspired

    Abel, I’m choosing to embrace the new me, just like you have chosen to do. You are a wonderful writer and I appreciate the insights you share each week! So happy you found your voice!

  2. taviathoughts

    It’s exciting to be sitting on the sidelines and read about your growth each week. I’m happy to see you stepping out of your comfort zone in order to embrace what’s coming next for you. Under my shapes I have a plaque that reads, “Great things never come from comfort zones.”

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