Master Key Week #22



As I continue the Abel Makeover, and discover more and more about me. My life will never be like it was.

It will never be like it was because, I will never be like I was. I have changed so many aspects of me and who I thought I was. I have been reprogramming so many programs running in the background without my knowledge.

It was like I went through 1000’s of apps, deleting and upgrading. Upgrading me to this more aware, loving, powerful, secure, magnificent, benevolent, full of compassion, creative individual. I have been going through a massive reconstruction of self, that was long over due.

My self-awareness is running to 100%, when a negative thought enters my mind. The first thing I do is ask it, Why are you thinking this? It has yet to give me an answer. When my thoughts want to bring up the past, I simply say “Thank you for the reminder, I forgive my past, I’m not thinking about that at this moment.”

Here is what I have found with my negative thought pattern. Every time I have a negative thought. I question the voice that gave me the thought. This has prevented thoughts from going on hypothetical journeys, and creating all unnecessary thoughts from forming into director produced movies of what if this, what if that.

This was my way of getting thoughts under control, taking control of your thoughts are such a big part of reprogramming your self. I now have very little negative thoughts, and when one tries to get in, It goes through a security program. All negative thoughts get patted down, stripped searched, screened, and questioned. When this process is over I replace that negative thought with a thought of love, joy, happiness or fun.

This Abel makeover has given me more tools over the last several weeks, than my entire life has ever given me. I was never told I could kick out that annoying roommate that tries to look at life negatively. Negative roommate you have been given notice to cease and desist. You are no longer given permission to keep the negative tapes playing.

The tapes I speak of are: woe is me, betrayal, anger, sorrow, low energy its-self. You are no longer welcome here.

I have found a roommate that is encouraging, supportive, excited for the future, loving, compassionate, positive, and authentic.




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    • abeltodoanything

      Thank You Norina,
      Great question, My family has noticed. My changed have brought me closer to my family. Iam impacting my community in many ways. I never thought any of this was possible.❤❤❤❤

  1. Miriam Papke

    What a super image to make the thoughts go through a virtual TSA search for dangerous material! Your process inspires me to do another level of house cleaning and roommate screening for myself. Thank you

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