Master Key Week#19

I Got A New Car


This new me is like I got a new car. The Master Key Experience has brought out the best in me. The process started slowly and unknowingly the more I participate in the program the more I became aware of who I was becoming.

The 19 weeks have happened quickly, not without discomfort. The more changes I experienced the more my subconscious mind tried to stop me. Every time you learn something new about who you are. It’s almost like starting over, do I accept or do I reject?

Its like getting a new car for the first time, you know the fundamentals of driving this new car. Where the steering wheel is, the gas and brake pedal, the windshield is in front of you. You sit in it for the very first time when you get it home and the leather seats wrap around you with comfort and you grip the leather wrapped steering wheel. You get excited and ready to drive it for the first time.

Something strange happens, this new car does not require a key, well how do you start it? How do you turn on the lights, I now need to manually shift this car with a paddle. Getting to know this car can be frustrating in the beginning, once you do. Watch out other drivers I’m looking for the fast lane.

I use this analogy because the Master Key has taught me so much about my new self, and its like getting a new car weekly. I know the fundamentals of who I am in this new mind and body. realizing the things of who I have become during every new week. Learning the new aspects of me, can be frustrating. Stepping into the new you every week, you learn more about the new you, as you start to enjoy it and get comfortable, you get a new you in a few days. The process of getting acquainted starts over, are you ready for the new you to emerge.

Believe me there have been times when I got my new car stuck and had to dig my self out. It’s not always fun learning the new things of who you are and letting go of the old version is difficult. This process through the Master Key has been slow and steady a pace that has been great for growth.

I am so excited for my future and more excited to leave the past behind, and as The Greatest Salesman in The World Said. ” I will waste not a moment mourning yesterdays misfortunes, yesterdays defeat, yesterdays aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad.”

As I step into the driver’s seat of this new me I look through the windshield into the future and I chart a course to a destination that I have not seen. I look in the side view mirror and say good-by to the old. On this path I take anyone and make room for everyone who wants to embark on a journey to their very own future.



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  1. cindyoneblog

    Your Excellent! Fantastic!❤️📚all your studies paid off, congrats on finding the real treasure… you! No one shines Brighter, you are unique with all your beautiful attributes! from here on it’s all you !!! Love ❤️ this

    • abeltodoanything

      Hello Edith,
      Thank you, it’s really exciting meeting the new me and sharing this new me with the world.😀😀😀

  2. Miriam Papke

    Great analogy Abel. Aren’t we so thankful we’re at the point where we can connect with the blessing of the weekly new car and see the learning and transitions as beneficial!

    • abeltodoanything

      Yes I look forward to the challenges, every challenge good and not so good is is creating the best version of me. Thank You so much for your friendship and support during this process. I appreciate you 😀🙏🙏❤❤

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