Master Key Week #17 HJ

Heros Journey


When I began this journey of self discovery little did I know how much I would become my own self hero on a journey that has become a mission.

My Hero’s Journey began almost 3 years ago, I realized I had become complacent and didn’t like who the man in the mirror had become. I was so disappointed with my self for not continuing to grow and challenge myself. I really didnt know where to start, didnt know anyone who was on a path of growing within.

I picked up a book as my first mentor, I have continued to go on this mission of self discovery being relentless. looking at the man in the mirror everyday and asking for guidance to the next step. looking at the man in the mirror with disappointment for many months as I began my hero’s journey was hard and discouraging at times. I kept digging in and pushing myself, confronting issues that had compounded over many years of not dealing with old emotions. Emotions are so powerful especially the negative emotions. In my experience negative emotions are the ones that were holding me back and keeping me from progressing.

I had built so much anger towards people and situations about horrible things from the past. I let those things dictate my identity, I had a reason for being who I was. I let the negative emotions control me and who I had become. I had excuse after excuse for why I did the things I did.

One of the first emotions I decided to confront was forgiveness, I started the process of forgiving not for the other person, to free myself from the pain and anger of others. looking back this was the hardest thing for me to do personally, to let go of the past was beyond hard

When you raise the green flag and start your hero’s journey you will be confronted with your very own emotions. No matter what confront you on your journey, i would like to encourage you to keep going, do not quit. Please do not let your emotions prevent you from becoming your very own hero. The heros journey will impact you and change you in ways beyond your imagination. Not only will it change you, You will change people around you (community, family and friends).

The heros journey will change you…


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  1. cindyoneblog

    I love being my own Hero, giving a hug to your journey of self discovery, I have tears of joy for your majestic self!

  2. Jonathan Davis

    Many truths in this posting, Abel! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your journey with the world. When I find I’m holding on to “justified” anger and resentment, I ask myself this question: “Do I want to be right, or to be happy?” Happy is so much better!!

  3. Miriam Papke

    I will be/have been confronted with my own emotions and many aren’t pretty. The temptation to lay blame on others or step into a place of self pity surfaces. Thanks to the encouragement of this group we press forward. Thanks for the honesty here.

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