Master Week #17

You Are Powerful

Some of us have given our power away to others or think we don’t have any power. Today I write this blog to inform you that YOU ARE POWERFUL.

A few days ago I honestly did not know just how powerful I am. I accidentally found out just how powerful I am. I’ve been working on my speaking abilities now for about 2 years. Prior to this I was the person that hid in the back of the room, trying to be invisible, not seen or heard. My voice was muted for most of my life, deep down I wanted to speak out and give my opinion, my advice and share my knowledge.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the courage to use my voice. It hindered my communication with my family. I had a really hard time looking people in the eye when I spoke to them. I down right hated speaking, most of the time I hated getting serious about any topic. I self-taught me how to get things done through silence without sound.

I didn’t understand why I was like this, as I write this I am processing old thoughts and feelings of being silent with a full functioning voice. In the year 2017 I decided to go through what ever it would take to embrace my voice and the power of it. I found a local Toastmaster and joined. I started developing my skills and speaking my truth. My very first speech at Toastmaster, I was terrified, legs shaking, adrenalin rush, dry mouthed and I wanted to run out of the room in terror. I could have easily done this, I chose to stay and finish.

6 min later I finished my speech, and for several weeks I had this pit in my stomach, A pit that was telling me why did you do this to me. You were not supposed to do this, why did you tell this story. It took several weeks for me to get over this, and by the end of 2017 I had given several speeches, won a few awards from competitions that I entered. My voice was here to stay. I kept pushing past the fear, doubt, frustration and being down right judged.

I have since created beautiful relationships with my family, expressing more of my love for my children and wife, Bringing us closer than I ever imagined. Never fully understanding how much my voice could impact others.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a room of Entrepreneurs, the power of my voice brought complete strangers together, hugging one another, exchanging information to keep them in contact within each other. This is a moment I will remember forever. I decided to share this with you because, just like the words that exit my mouth, Words are the blueprint for your future. The more you can express yourself through words either by voice, paper or sign language. The better you get at stacking them to describe anything, the job you want, the house you want, the person you want to become etc.. the more powerful words become.

Through words YOU ARE POWERFUL.


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      • cindyoneblog

        Ah for real you described me, and I would love to speak and sing, so good on you100% it’s in our accomplishing our desires that we really see ourselves, yes!

  1. debilee4health

    I really love this – I too spent a lot of years feeling like I did not have a voice. Lots of ministry later, and I too am a Toastmaster, and speak quite often in many circumstances. Thank you for sharing your journey and may it continue to be blessed beyond measure!

  2. Jonathan Davis

    The song has always been within you, Abel. So powerful that, a few years ago, you had the courage to find and express your voice and are now impacting others in such a positive way!

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