Master Key Week #16

When You Notice Kindness

This week in the Master Key System it was kindness week, It was a week to notice kindness, and this is what I discovered when you notice kindness from others.

This process of noticing kindness is a mind shift, to deliberately notice acts of kindness taking place all around you. Kindness is always taking place, most of the time it goes unnoticed or you take it for granted.

When I deliberately started looking for kindness, in my mind I originally started looking for big acts of kindness. This is what my mind was thinking personally, I quickly realized the more I participated, Kindness was taking place at all levels big and small. I was never really tuned in to notice acts of kindness. When I started to tune in, I began to notice spectacular things happening and taking place all the time.

I seen my children offer to do things For my wife, they were helping one another do things. My youngest daughter was inspired by my oldest daughter, and a compliment was given. I noticed my son genuinely love his sisters and initiate giving hugs. So many acts of kindness were taking place.

As I continued my week, I also noticed men holding doors open for women, I witness a young boy help a senior citizen cross the parking lot. I watched several people give to goodwill donation station. I was blown away as I heard many people say Thank You.  I witnessed my self impact others with my words and brought complete strangers to hug each other. This moment was beautiful, your words impact others to perform acts of kindness. Several people complimented my wife and I for bringing our community together.

In closing I learned once you begin looking for kindness in others, you quickly realize kindness is within you. You begin to notice the kind things you do for others and how you impact your family and your community. Kindness is always happening to you, around you and in your community. If your not aware of it, you wont notice kindness


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  1. gotwine4you

    So true. We overlook small kindnesses every day. It is not until we change our thoughts of others and look for kindness that we begin to realize it was there all along

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