Master Key Week#15

Change Is Happening


We are officially in the year 2019, and how are you doing with change? Wether I like it or not change is happening.

As I continue this self-action course, what I have noticed is. I have become very aware of the changes taking place. I have become the observer and witness to my changes. Change is not easy, especially when rewriting the old blueprint. And many of the programs were installed when I was a young boy.

Looking to my parents and accepting what they taught me. taking on so many negative programs. Such as… Being a man, relationships, Role of a father, anger, financial, health, husband, uncle, friendships,religion etc…

I now understand they taught me what they learned and they passed down the knowledge they understood to be correct. They passed down information from what they felt was right under the circumstances we lived. With integrity, honesty and trying to convey all of the different aspects of life, they did the best they could. I then took the knowledge and applied it to my life. I am now understanding this knowledge did not work out for me very well in all the different aspects of life.

It has been so hard letting go of years and years of knowledge I was once knew as right. And to place 90% of it in the spam folder has been difficult. May the truth be told, it has been the hardest part of this change. I proudly write this and I say to you “I’m doing it”.

My old programs are fighting me tooth and nail to the death, as I watch this old energy die, I also watch this new energy emerge from the ashes. This is more exciting because I’m watching myself impact people’s lives, inspiring people, watching my fear be destroyed and experiencing the unknown. Not only for my benefit, for the benefit for every person I come into contact with. Its like I got a new pair of eyes to see things, I havent seen before.

Change is here, it’s here to stay and this new energy of change I embrace, because I know if I fight this old energy/program it only makes the pain last longer. Instead I embrace this new me, this new program and this new energy with love and honour. As I watch this old energy/program fade away, I am grateful for it, for it got me this far and I wish this old program the best as it converts to new energy/program.

At times it feels like I’m a flashlight with cheap batteries and it only flickers in the darkness. While it lights my out slowly flicker by flicker, showing me my path only for a second at a time. As I hold this flickering flashlight, my family clings on to me while I guide them to our new destiny.




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  1. Jonathan Davis

    Abel, your story is similar to all who’ve journeyed through the MKE. We lived life following the old blueprint, installed by past situations and influencers, and it was not serving us well. So, grateful you are on this journey of self-discovery and action! Keep holding firm to the flickering light and boldly take the next step you see!

  2. Denise Brown

    So wonderful for you, your family, and those who come into contact with you. That light is shining alot brighter today❤️

  3. hereinspired

    Love the reference to your spam folder! What a beautiful example of gratitude you gave!: “As I watch this old energy/program fade away, I am grateful for it, for it got me this far and I wish this old program the best as it converts to new energy/program.”

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