Master key Week #14

The Holidays Are Here Again


This week for me has been very challenging doing the Master Key System. The Holidays are here again, this week went by so fast during the Holiday Season, almost a blur.

I struggled with trying to get all of the exercises in for this week. I missed 1 day completely, it was just go, go, go. This 1 day turned into days, Its Thursday night I just had a team webinar that I participated in. I had to come clean and be honest with my tribe, and admit I did not do my tasks for 3 full days.

The guilt I felt for not doing my self-action, was very difficult to admit. I promised myself that I would be honest to myself and my tribe during this growing  process of becoming the best version of myself. The thought of not completing my daily tasks took a toll on my mind.

I found myself thinking of the tasks all day, I found myself repeating in my mind all the exercises over and over. More importantly what I discovered was, I am going to have days like this from my regular life, derailing me off the tracks to my destination. I can accept defeat and continue not to grow. Or I can fix the broken tracks to destination ” The best Version Of My Self”. I am in no position of quitting the Master Key now or in the future.

My future self is just beyond the next bend of this monumental mountain, just a few more feet. We are more than half way into this 6 month hurricane of emotions and getting to know who we are, this is a hurricane like no other. This week 14 has been one of the toughest weeks climbing this self discovery mountain, I have ever put my mind through. I have learned and grown leaps and bounds beyond anything I have ever done.

I have faced myself, my shadow and the man in the mirror and I must persist until I reach destination ” The best Version of Myself”. You see this mission has challenged me in so many ways. 1.Intellectually 2.Physically 3.Mentally 4.Emotionally and I honestly feel if I quit now what a waste of time. More importantly I will never meet the man I am to be. If your reading this blog it was meant for you to read and I hope it inspires to keep going, because just around that next bend in this mountain of growth, Is your best version of you waiting to greet you.

Until Next Week

Abel L


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  1. cindyoneblog

    Ah super terrific you are aware, wow, yup! Not beating yourself up and smiling at yourself while reading the guy in the glass ! Keep going you are moving forward, and everything matters

  2. janroostal

    Tnx!! Great post, I have had a similar experience this week, I haven’t been completely off, but missed a lot of my exercises/readings. I am still off the teve, but have been wasting time on internet. I have felt really bad about this, thinking if I stay in these habits i am soon out of the game. But I have no choice, I can’t go back, not now, not ever, never. I have been in a miserable financial situation for ten years, due to my old blueprint, not manifesting my true potential. But now I am getting back again. I did my PIF right now, wanted to do my survey (not available yet), although it is one hour past midnight in Sweden I printed my Makeover.Thanks for sharing! I am not alone! Out of the blue my best friend asked my I want to celebrate new years eve with him. So we will have a nice day tomorrow/today also watching Woody Allens “What ever works” a wonderful humorous movie. Happy new year!

    • abeltodoanything

      There is only one choice, to keep moving forward regardless of the set backs. I cant wait to see your transformation and see your financial future change.
      Happy New Year🍾❤

    • abeltodoanything

      Hello Guy,
      Just know you are not alone, although at times it feels like it. We are all facing ourselves.
      Happy New Year

  3. lifestylefreedom44175681

    Abel to do anything…including be aware of and acknowledge shortfalls. The fact that you see the significance of the lapse and the craving for your future self is an indication that you truly are just a few feet from letting your golden nature shine. Thanks for the sharing.

  4. hereinspired

    The holidays are definitely challenging on many levels! You’re not alone, as evidenced by the comments above! Many of us have experienced big hurdles during the past few weeks! You said “I honestly feel if I quit now what a waste of time” and I think that’s part of what Mark and Davene mean when they say we’ve reached the ‘point of no return’! You’ve totally got this!

  5. John P Dolden

    Well done Abel, yes I found the holiday period very challenging, but as you said in your great blog, quitting is not an option

  6. Rob Tolchard

    I felt just the same way as you Abel. It has been a challenging time. Previously, this would have derailed me but now, not a chance. Our Experience is keeping me going with ENTHUSIASM!

  7. norina

    yes I to went off track and missed a couple days and went off track with my true health but what I learned is that my eyes where closed for a day or so but I’m still on my path and it made me stronger and more determined. I’m behind a my blogs so I have 2 to today. here is to your positive mental attitude and our ability to forget yesterday and live the next sun as your best day. peace

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