Master Key System Week#8

Stop The Programming!!!

What a week, So many things to tell and share. Where do I start? This weeks promise was to unplug, cut the cord, stop the programming.

This week we were given the task of unplugging from the television. Literally go to the television and unplug it from the power, This is a task I did at the end of 2016. I was sick and tired of the programming. In 2016 when I decided to disconnect from my television, I did it with anger and passion. I was mad at myself for watching the garbage that was being broadcasted. getting caught up with binge watching seasons of this and that. The time wasted and taken from myself and my family that I will never get back.

I found myself distracted and addicted to programmed T.V.  Many hours of my life was dedicated to television, and I wasnt even aware of this addiction. Programmed television programmed me to watch all the non-sense shows, making me feel like I needed this and if I missed an episode, I missed so much. This behavior transferred to my children and they too got hooked on certain shows and programs. Television is called programmed television for a reason, I was programmed to watch it everyday. Now that I sit here and write this, I recall several commercials that made me feel a certain way. All the pharmaceutical, car, laundry, sports and gadget commercials that would try to persuade me.

I can remember times where I was in a daze and staring at the T.V without purpose or awareness, looking back I realize that my mind was put into trance like state, to alter my mind for what ever it was T.V wanted to program into my mind. To buy, feel, convince, vote etc…

The cable was also cut without hesitation, I knew that if I was going to do this it had to be everything. I wasnt the only one that would be affected. This decision would impact my entire family. My family and I all struggled with no T.V for the first week. Anger, frustration were a few emotions that were expressed during this process. So thankful I went rogue on Televisions Entertainment. It was hard in the beginning, so worth it today.

Since doing this so many more hours are spent with my wife and children. Time is what we all have that is evenly distributed among every living creature here on Earth. Time is something we can never get back. My family has had so many more hours(time) spent with each other. Creating bonds, memories and stronger relationships with my wife and children.

It all started with a decision to unplug from T.V

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  1. gotwine4you

    Good for you… and your family. It is amazing how we somehow can thrive without everyone else’s opinions. The negative forces around you have been pushed away making for that positive life and positive events. Not an easy task but definitely worth it.
    Keep up the great wirk😁

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