Master Key Sysytem Week #7

Mental Diet????

As I was given this weekly assignment of a mental diet, I seriously thought “No Problem”..

Let me explain, This mental diet is to stay positive for a week straight (7 days). The object is to be in a state of mind where you have no negative thoughts. And if you have a negative thought you start your 7 day mental diet over.

Day 1:  This was the hardest day for me to start. You see what I found was in order to have no negative thoughts, you really need to be aware of everything you are thinking. As I accepted this mental diet I soon began to realize you have thoughts all day 24-7, on average you have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. Most of the thoughts you have are about yesterday (the past). I quickly realized that I was sorting through 1000’s of things I was thinking. I quickly failed on day 1.

Day 2: As I began to become aware of my thoughts and sifting through all of the 70,000 thoughts a day, this became a challenge. Now I’m thinking about my thoughts negative and positive. I think because of this now I know I must be having about 100,000 thoughts just by adding this dimension of thinking to my thoughts. Needless to say I failed day 2.

Day 3: Ok, day 3 I’m finally beginning to understand my self a little better. I discovered a few patterns. I noticed when i was having a negative thought, it was about a friendship that went bad. The 2nd negative thought that kept reoccurring was of a business relationship. It was this moment I realized in order for me progress i seriously needed to forgive. I immediately went through my forgiveness process for the two thoughts that kept reoccurring. Day 3 was a fail but not without a lesson. I found out more about myself and things I need to work on. What I quickly realize is working on your self takes time a lifetime. Even though I’ve been having negative thoughts, I have continued growing, changing and evolving into the greatest version of myself.

Day 4: Now that I have discovered and forgiven and moved on, Day 4 was much better. Day 4 I had a great day of positive thinking without any negative thoughts. I had a feeling of I DID IT. It was a wonderful accomplishment, and I’m very grateful for this exercise in so many ways. this mental diet allowed me to realize just how negative my mind really is. This mental diet has allowed my to uncover more about who I am and who I am becoming. I was told by a mentor recently that the discovery of self is the great work. I now understand what this means. Day 5 which is now day 1, i now understand will be just as challenging and i know more thing will be coming to surface as I implement this mental diet into my daily life.

All in All at times you feel overwhelmed by your own thought process, and you really learn more about you. 1). Your triggers 2). You 3). Your mind 4). Things you need to work on. As I sit here and blog this experience I finally understand how powerful I really am with thought alone.


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  1. gotwine4you

    Great post. The mental diet wasn’t difficult for me this week but it was a great week. It is good to know we can do this when ever we need to. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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