Master Key System Week #6

What a week…..

This week was full of the unknown

It started out on Sunday with our new projects, I was like whaaaat!!!!!

I immediately got a shovel and started digging in, I loved all the new exercises to develop my mind even further. The movie board is incredible, it’s now finally starting to sink in. My mind has been boggled with shapes and colors.

I’m seeing more and more colors and shapes every time I step outside. Im seeing blue rectangles, red circles, green triangles and yellow squares everywhere. Im finding my mind isn’t running some of the programs anymore. When my mind does start to slip I have been catching myself. Negative thought patterns are so hard to over come and its been challenging to say the least.

Every time I notice a negative thought I am taking my power back. When you are aware of the negative thoughts they become less and less. What I also have started to notice is when I notice my negative thoughts, I have been asking my mind WHY are you having this thought? And the answer I’ve been getting is a memory of the past, which tells me this is a thought that has been programmed in my mind.

This is called your Beta mind. The beta mind looks for old beliefs and programs to identify a past experience and brings it forward to your now experience. The beta mind is constantly bringing forward old or past experiences. This confirms who you are and validates why you feel a certain way about a certain person, topic or experience. The beta mind must be stopped at all costs. My overall experience this week has been challenging and fun with all the new mind tools that we have been given.  Im so grateful I decided to take the Master Key challenge. #AbelToDoAnything #MKE


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  1. gotwine4you

    Great 👍🏻 post😁. Happy to see that you are making associations. I don’t want to stop my beta mind if it brings about positivity. Maybe it’s more about control and being aware if such thoughts create negativity and not allowing that thought to enter your mind

    • abeltodoanything

      From my research and understanding the beta mind is only benefiting you 2% of the time. 98%of the time its bringing up old programs. You need to disrupt the beta mind throughout the day to force it to think about positive, just like the techniques in Master Key.

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