Master Key Week #4


I can’t believe it week 4 really, It seems like yesterday I was applying to be accepted. This week has been mind-blowing and challenging. I have been reading the Greatest Salesman 3x daily. I can probably recite it to you by memory. The words have become part of me. My DMP is being crafted with my master minds. I have had to dig really deep from within and ask my self some really tough questions to get a simple understanding of my thought process.

This journey from within has been challenging to say the least (understatement). Many of the exercises have been challenging my mind more than anything. My subconscious mind at times I find is fighting me. I have been very aware of the thoughts that have been popping into my mind, it’s a voice that never wants to be quiet. It’s always there trying to persuade, reason, cause fear, sadness, self pity etc..

My biggest take away this week has been questioning my thoughts. Why do you keep talking? Why are you saying this? Why do you want me to feel this way? What I have discovered is when I ask questions like this, my subconscious stops talking and never gives me an answer. This voice at times is a room-mate that is not always wanted, and I can never evict or give a 30 day notice. What I find really interesting is it actually is speaking both sides of the conversation in my head. I now understand it is my job to stop and interrupt my the voices and conversations that are taking place.

The exercises are designed to do just that re-direct and stop the thoughts/voices to think about what you want it to do. I am beginning to grasp the idea more about linking promises to shapes and colors. The linking activities are designed to interrupt what ever the mind is doing, thinking and saying. Cant wait for week #5

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