Master Key Experience Week #3

“Subconscious Mind, I’m Catching On”

Its week 3  October 11,2018, on this journey of self discovery. So many more lessons learned this week.

Lets be real, This week was exceptionally hard for me because of so many reasons. I will need to break it down to a topic or two.  I have been experiencing extreme pain in my left knee and left foot all week. Going back and forth to the Dr. to try to figure out what was going on. I was in so much pain I needed to use crutches to maneuver around the house. Trying to take a shower with so much pain and on crutches “forget about it” (impossible). At times I felt like a burden as I would continually ask my wife Rebecca for help. I know it tested her patience and her heart, I’m so grateful she stuck it out.

As a proud man I also felt like I couldn’t provide her with love and affection. I was going down this rabbit hole fast. What I started to noticed was I was suffering from pools of self pity. When I became aware this was going on, I immediately was reminded of the first scroll in “The Greatest Salesman”. I found me saying to myself  “self pitty no more”, I quickly began to change my thoughts to thoughts of my future self. And I noticed my DMP started playing in my mind ( It was a powerful moment).

As my mind was shifting from self pity to self-awareness. I understood my old program was creeping in. Trying to pull me back to emotions and feelings I knew very well. I noticed that when you become aware of your thoughts, you add a whole other dimension to your thought process. At this point of noticing and being aware of what was taking place, I now know that this is a first test of many to come. I only hope I’m aware enough to catch every old programmed thought. This was a valuable learning lesson for me for so many reasons. I was able to identify my thought patterns and redirect them to more positive outcomes.

This is my mind and I’m in charge




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  1. Alexandre Tournon

    I am impressed by the awareness you have developped and I am sooo grateful to have observed in you the fact that the Greatest Salesman and your experience of life can be linked up.
    You just helped me look for more connections, thank you so much and keeep sharing the great stuff!! (wish you to recover soon from your injury)

  2. dncngmn

    Wow. I LOVE that you’re observing your old program. Nice catch and thank you for sharing to help the rest of us!

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