Master Key Experience “Week 1”

This is my week 1 experience, it started September 23, 2018. This course fell into my lap exactly at the right time. If it was a week sooner I would not have applied for the scholarship. This is a course you can not buy for any price, you must apply and go through a process to get accepted into the course. You must do several requirements to maintain your scholarship over the next 6 months.

As I began this self-action course, I quickly understood how important this course is to the development of my mind, and inner self. Everything being taught, have been things I’ve been learning about since the first day I began battling all the self-limiting thoughts. I understand the material and I have not had a problem incorporating all the exercises into my daily life. As a matter of fact it has been a fun process pushing the limits of my mind. And broadening the scope of the capabilities of my inner self, and reprogramming the automatic programs that have been put in place at a young age from my loved ones and society. The MASTER KEY SYSTEM is nothing like Ive ever seen, I Love everything about this system. Cant wait for week 2.



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